A constant pursuit towards something better.

Transformious is a niche consulting company focused exclusively on driving business performance through finance process transformation. We help you identify and prioritize improvement initiatives to maximize value across the finance function.


Transformious can help with:

  1. Lowering cost of finance functions
  2. Reducing transaction processing time
  3. Shortening close cycle
  4. Improving quality and accuracy of financial statements
  5. Achieving greater efficiencies across finance organizations
  6. Eliminating redundant tasks and reducing manual inventions


We are passionate about driving business performance that drives growth and profit. We’re serious about delivering great outcomes for our clients. We listen and feel the accumulation of desires, constraints and expectation of our clients. By empathizing with their challenges, we connect with them with what matters most – their experience. We strive to touch hearts and grow with our clients.



There is always room for improvement

Continuous improvement remains in our thoughts; it is a defined intention across all touchpoints of our organization. It drives our decision-making and, ultimately, our solutions – because each one of us accepted the open-ended challenge to always deliver great outcomes for our clients.


Keep it simple

Our solutions are simple, despite the complexity of the business problem, because simple = clear = understandable and executable. We apply this concept to every aspect of the business including the services and products we offer. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” said Leonardo da Vinci.


Never stop learning

Learning is the key to transformation. We encourage our team to learn: to pursue their passions, listen to one another, and access new knowledge at conferences, the library, on blogs, and via other hands-on means.


Put ourselves in client’s shoes

We have to walk in our client’s shoes, and feel their challenges and experiences. They are part of the solution and never part of the problem.


Brian Whittaker
Change Management

Brian’s career began as a Brewer: a role one part science, one part engineering and one part art. Following the completion of a major change initiative in a highly unionised environment he began consulting for some of the world’s largest software vendors. Using his fundamental understanding of processes and innovation he developed multi-million dollar business cases for global clients. He began to recognise a significant proportion of benefits were available to these organisations without incurring unnecessary and disruptive expenditures.

His second career change happened following repeated frustrations not executing on the business cases. He went on to develop a repeatable methodology to convert the business case into discrete projects capable of transforming the business.

Brian is a published author of The Change Management Guidebook.

The approach has been deployed throughout the globe and is welcomed by CFO, HR Director and end user, helping them to understand and connect on shared objectives.


Lukeman Cole
Chief Transformation Officer

Lukeman has an unyielding passion for Finance Transformation and is curious-minded by nature. An Accountant by trade with early experience in Costing, Financial, Management and Treasury Accounting areas, here he learnt transformation is constant to any organization with serious aspirations for growth and profit.

Lukeman is an Oracle Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in implementing, upgrading and supporting Oracle EBS in complex, multinationals, and multi GAAP environments and industries. Strong proficiency in Oracle Financials, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and Manufacturing modules. Strong functional/technical and business acumen with a proven track record of successful solution delivery in global business transformation programs, through several full system lifecycle.

Subject matter expertise to identify, develop, and implement techniques to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, mitigate risks, resolve issues, and optimize cost savings and efficiencies. It is the lessons learned from years of deploying Oracle application to companies that led to the creation of ‘Transformious’.

Lukeman’s goal is to create a company that delivers maximum value that translates into growth and profit for clients. A company where clients success remains the only imperative.


Katy Heng
Program Delivery

Katy takes pride and accountability for Program Delivery for small to complex projects. She strives to keep things simple, the client engaged and continually improving with each experience. She began in the business as an accounting clerk over 20 years ago and progressed to Accounting Manager before systems and business processes peaked her curiosity. She understands the importance of business involvement and input to optimize business practices.

Katy’s career has included various roles from business user and business analyst to Financials Lead, Solution Architect and Program Management on various projects including: process improvement, ERP applications, and Oracle implementations and upgrades. She has conducted numerous assessments, process improvement workshops and led R12 Implementations, upgrades and systems integrations. Her extensive experience includes clients in various industries including telecommunications, technology/hardware and software, manufacturing, oil & gas, public sector, transportation, and healthcare. Client satisfaction is her ultimate goal.